Monday, 8 February 2010

the Alpha....getting the money there

Total now more than £500,000. See for the latest figures.

Wrote another cheque, but thought I would take it over myself as it’d be quicker. Arrived at 12.45 at Watford Junction to find the Platform 8 waiting room contained fed up looking people and a computer screen listing nothing but delays and cancellations. Waiting there still was the 12.11 to Birmingham train full of passengers. Time passed. No trains went anywhere. The people on the train were told to get off – maybe a hundred of them who had got on at Euston expecting to be taken to Brum. They (especially the Americans ) were not happy. They all thundered off down the stairs with their little cases on wheels, and towards the nearest manager at the barriers. When I moaned to a member of staff he said it was taking a long time to fix because it depended on where they had to come from to fix it, as if all this were taking place in the Scottish Highlands. Well done, Network Rail.

Still it was easy for me. All I had to do was catch the next faithful Flyer back home, the only service at Watford junction which was working.

Posting my cheque in St Peter St I met a friend doing the same. He told me about the total going up to 500k+.

So that’s 2 lots of money, and probably lots more, on its way. What will be the total this time tomorrow? This is kind of exciting. Or it would be if so much didn’t rest on it. Today in the grey February sleet the Odeon looked particularly forlorn and vulnerable.

But at least it is still there. And the cash to rescue it is bubbling up like yeast.

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