Sunday, 7 February 2010

the Alpha St Albans - eleventh hour facts

statement as of today (7 2 010) now on Allaboutstalbans site.

You might need to flex your synapses a bit to alternate between the Hannawayese idioms and the financial facts - but in the end the gist is clear enough: there is still time to help.

Bear in mind - there will be '000's of people (not just here but in places like London Colney, Shenley, Borehamwood etc) who will enjoy going to the Alpha and who don't, and never will have, the resources to help with this effort. If those of us who can pay at this point don't then it's not just us who will be going without.

(Sorry this is just dull old text. I know a pic of a signed cheque wd be nice. Not yet though.)

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