Sunday, 12 June 2011

St Albans Odyssey open day

Some pictures of today's Open Day. I went late...but it seemed just as crowded as these days have been before, despite the cold rainy weather.

Much more sense of a new cinema emerging...the model is encouraging...and the drawings show just how much work has been done to clear the space.

A feature film is being made of the whole restoration. A pity they weren't there eight years ago to film the Public Enquiry when it was survival or the bulldozers for the whole building. I know who was there to speak up for it...but then I have the memory of a particularly bitter elephant....

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Odyssey signed up

If you half shut your eyes and have a good imagination it's just about possible to get a sense of how the cinema will look when once again it has its name up in big letters....this banner is the first bit of glamorous signage the poor old wreck has had the chance to show off in years so it's worth appreciating.

Hope there's a milling crowd of thousands tomorrow for the chance to see the extent of the restoration.

(This week I am moving out of the area. If I get the chance to call back and take pictures will try to do so but it's good bye Lower Paxton Rd and goodbye to the cinema as my neighbour. )

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

St Albans Odyssey; work gathers pace

Some pictures here of the team van, a new pile of rubbish outside, signs of early morning coffee.

The shots from the doors give some idea of the efforts taking place inside..think it's possible to see there's now much more space. And a pic of the staff rest deck ...they're too busy to be there of course...