Sunday, 12 June 2011

St Albans Odyssey open day

Some pictures of today's Open Day. I went late...but it seemed just as crowded as these days have been before, despite the cold rainy weather.

Much more sense of a new cinema emerging...the model is encouraging...and the drawings show just how much work has been done to clear the space.

A feature film is being made of the whole restoration. A pity they weren't there eight years ago to film the Public Enquiry when it was survival or the bulldozers for the whole building. I know who was there to speak up for it...but then I have the memory of a particularly bitter elephant....


  1. I hope you found the plans useful. I have the originals if you would like a copy of them for this site? Most of them are still up in the building now although the odd ones dotted around the upper floors have succumbed to damp...

  2. Thanks...yes, it would be lovely to have a copy of the originals.
    Seeing the plans is more than useful. I think it gives people a real connection with the restoration
    and more sense of what a dignified old building this is.

    1. Hi Paxton,
      Sorry it's been so long to get back to you on this. I had a bit of a look around with Darren today and we've learned at bit more about the construction. Anyway, I've put together a mini site with photos and the plans on. Have a look at the following link - feel free to copy any of the pictures or plans across to your blog. The more awareness we promote, the more we can keep people engaged!

    2. hi James

      love your site esp the pix of the roof and's good to have more of an insider's view of what's going on..look fotwrad to seeing more. As I have moved away I find it less easy to keep an eye on the changes.....