Sunday, 29 August 2010

Melbourne-Cooper Walk

Thanks to Tjitte De Vries for this lovely image from his archives. This was used as publicity for Arthur Melbourne-Cooper's first studio venture in Bedford Park. IF you would like to see the house itself then join the free Melbourne-Cooper walk being led by Marian Hammant of St Albans Civic Society on Sunday 12th September, starting at 2 .30 from the CIty Station. That's just after the James Hannaway meeting at the Odeon - so you can have a total immersion St Albans cinema day.....

Thursday, 19 August 2010

St Albans cinema name - How about the Kubrick?

One of the names suggested for the cinema is the Kubrick after that other well known cinema connected local, Stanley K. There's a very nice piece by Jon Ronson in today's Guardian in which Christiana Kubrick remembers what life with him at Childwickbury was like. And if you haven't yet seen the excellent Kubrick exhbiition at St Albans museum in Hatfield Rd there's still time to go - it's on till 5th September.

Yes, we could get used to The fact we could get used to whatever moniker for the dear old pile. It's soldiered on cheerfully enough through several manifestations. A cinema by any other name etc etc. The main thing is to have it in the first place.

Monday, 16 August 2010

St Albans cinema - what do we call it?

You've probably all seen the details of the competition to suggest a name for the cinema. If not go to allaboutstsalbans site to add your contribution.

While I think the fact that the site began with the Alpha, the very first ever cinema designed in the way a modern audience would recognise, means we'd be wise to call it the Alpha in order to maintain this link with Melbourne-Cooper and his pioneering work, I can see the challenge in trying to find a new name of local and heritage/cinematic resonance. How about:

the Audrey - after Melbourne Cooper's daughter, local resident who did so much to fight for her father's creative reputation..also a link with the Hollywood Audrey of course, and why not call a cinema after a girl anyway? They don't all have to be boys or neuters?

the Watson - after nearby Watson's Walk where Melbourne-Cooper's father had his photographic studio. And we can all have fun for years asking What's on at the Watson.

the Pax - after local adjoining roads and in connection with the late lamented Crystal Palace pub nearby - all named in memory of the great Joseph Paxton. engineer and gardener. Goes with Rex and could hardly have a more dignified meaning.

i don't promise not to add to this list...once you start it gets addictive...