Monday, 16 August 2010

St Albans cinema - what do we call it?

You've probably all seen the details of the competition to suggest a name for the cinema. If not go to allaboutstsalbans site to add your contribution.

While I think the fact that the site began with the Alpha, the very first ever cinema designed in the way a modern audience would recognise, means we'd be wise to call it the Alpha in order to maintain this link with Melbourne-Cooper and his pioneering work, I can see the challenge in trying to find a new name of local and heritage/cinematic resonance. How about:

the Audrey - after Melbourne Cooper's daughter, local resident who did so much to fight for her father's creative reputation..also a link with the Hollywood Audrey of course, and why not call a cinema after a girl anyway? They don't all have to be boys or neuters?

the Watson - after nearby Watson's Walk where Melbourne-Cooper's father had his photographic studio. And we can all have fun for years asking What's on at the Watson.

the Pax - after local adjoining roads and in connection with the late lamented Crystal Palace pub nearby - all named in memory of the great Joseph Paxton. engineer and gardener. Goes with Rex and could hardly have a more dignified meaning.

i don't promise not to add to this list...once you start it gets addictive...

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