Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Alpha/how will it look

We've reached the moment where our collective imagination is being challenged to work on the idea of how the cinema will look when refurbished. Of course most of us, when faced with the sight of the time-damaged Odeon at next week's viewing, will fall back on what we have seen at the Rex i.e. romantic soft edged deco ( the scallop shells in gold, the flower /leaf scroll screen border, the red velvet seating) as its future manifestation.

But there are reasons for nudging your fantasies down a different aesthetic route. Think more zig zaggy early 30's modernism. There are photos of the Odeon in its Robert Cromie designed Capitol era with wonderful wall patterns in this style ( see one above from Architecture Illustrated 1932) And one of my insider sources ( yes, stick with this blog for such snippets) says they will be going down a more modern track than with the Rex. So expect it to be stylish, maybe more MGM Studios than arty little sanctuary - all no doubt done to the last degree of precision and good craftsmanship. Less romantic maybe but great.....full of the optimism and sharp, satiny glamour of early cinema. And the seats were green.

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  1. Re-creating this geometric paintwork in the Capitol would be fantastic and would make the St Albans cinema unique - just what is needed to out-do the multiplexes. No wonder they are worried!