Friday, 21 May 2010

Odeon Car Park: Notice lives again

Yes, Mick and Darren have found the old car park notice and put it on the front door. Next time you drive up London Road and get stuck at the lights glance to your left because clearly the front of the Odeon is going to become a bit of a public art work. The two chairs are still there too.

The two other pics are from the back door which was open this morning. The carpet in particular evokes memories. I'm not intrepid enough to go further in without permission - what if I were accidentally locked in without my mobile and they didn't come back for a few days? Who would know where I was? The thought of being shut up alone in the Odeon, much as I love it, is quite scary. So you'll have to do with images from the threshold for now. But they'll all add up....

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