Friday, 7 May 2010

The music of pneumatic drills

Yes, as I sat in my front room this lunchtime watching the election analysis on BBC1, I was delighted to hear the constant noise of drilling in the background. A cluster of white vans had appeared, and men in fluoro jackets were, I knew, busily digging away to connect up the water supply for the cinema. First step to bringing a building back into life. They seemed very happy to be doing it when I asked them if that's what the work was. And I'm certainly happy to live with the noise. Context is all.

Next: electricity. The shiny new locks haven't gone unadmired either. Every little change is a long awaited and welcome sign of transformation.

Just hope Jas Hannaway is not now the Right Hon.(must check) The Odeon needs his concentration. What's wrong with just being a cinema magnate - heroic enough in the circumstances, I would have said, for anyone.


  1. Piccys please!

  2. sorry - camera broken. Just imagine something that looks like roadworks at bk of Odeon (only of course much nicer beacuse we know what it is) for now. Pics will follow when camra fixed or new one acquired.

  3. I'm assuming of course you do mean th utilities work, not a pic of J.H on election night which of course I was not at anyway....