Friday, 21 May 2010

Odeon Car Park: Notice lives again

Yes, Mick and Darren have found the old car park notice and put it on the front door. Next time you drive up London Road and get stuck at the lights glance to your left because clearly the front of the Odeon is going to become a bit of a public art work. The two chairs are still there too.

The two other pics are from the back door which was open this morning. The carpet in particular evokes memories. I'm not intrepid enough to go further in without permission - what if I were accidentally locked in without my mobile and they didn't come back for a few days? Who would know where I was? The thought of being shut up alone in the Odeon, much as I love it, is quite scary. So you'll have to do with images from the threshold for now. But they'll all add up....

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Odeon Tues 18 May 2010

This is the scene front and back today...Darren and Mick's van, and 2 chairs outside, set to catch the early morning sun in London Rd. No human beings anywhere (outside).

I'm sure you'll agree these are like stills from a movie about restoring a cinema...the 2 chairs are just waiting for the scene where James Gandolfini and A.N. Other-Actor ( haven't decided who'd play Darren yet) sit and discuss the wiring up. And the van is an art work in itself. I expect someone out there is halfway through the script. Have thought of tackling it myself.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Early start on Odeon Monday 17 May 2010

I noticed early this morning that vans were packed into the little parking space by the Odeon.The front door was open, a litre carton of fresh mik left handy and temporary lighting on in the foyer. And the sugar pink neon Shop sign (please keep this - it's very pretty) was on as if the Odeon had been open to sell sweets and chocolate last night. But not a soul in sight. As regular readers of this blog will know I have been cameraless and couldn't take any pictures of this evocative early morning scene. But - sparing no expense - I went off to Boots in St Peters St and forked out from my blog-budget of millions for their cheapest camera. So you have some details from later today - the vans - notice the new neat tarmac where the road was dug up last week to connect the water. And the shiny new tap on the back wall. And a glimpse of the inside- well, of the old Odeon litter point actually. Note the innovative health and safety feature on the door.

There were thundrous noises of heavy labour. Noone answered my shouts of hello - so no pics yet of the noble labourers themselves. But they're on the job everyone. Things are starting to move.

Friday, 7 May 2010

The music of pneumatic drills

Yes, as I sat in my front room this lunchtime watching the election analysis on BBC1, I was delighted to hear the constant noise of drilling in the background. A cluster of white vans had appeared, and men in fluoro jackets were, I knew, busily digging away to connect up the water supply for the cinema. First step to bringing a building back into life. They seemed very happy to be doing it when I asked them if that's what the work was. And I'm certainly happy to live with the noise. Context is all.

Next: electricity. The shiny new locks haven't gone unadmired either. Every little change is a long awaited and welcome sign of transformation.

Just hope Jas Hannaway is not now the Right Hon.(must check) The Odeon needs his concentration. What's wrong with just being a cinema magnate - heroic enough in the circumstances, I would have said, for anyone.