Thursday, 29 April 2010

AT LAST: Michael Glasheen on site

Yes, it's all going to happen - the final incontrovertible bit of evidence. Mick Glasheen, chief gaffer/fixer/craftsperson of the Rex was seen in Lower Paxton Rd at 8.15 this a.m. helping his mate Darren to park up behind the Odeon. Hurrah. In the dark days when restoring the Odeon seemed a very faint hope I used to think if I ever see Mick here I will know we've managed to rescue it.

And here he is, looking like Tony Soprano and wearing his lovely 'Who's the Daddy t-shirt?' And our Odeon is in his hands. At some point when he's not too busy will try to get a pic of him to post...but take it from me Mick's presence means action.

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