Thursday, 18 February 2010

Alpha cinema St Albans - alternatives: a modest proposal

Sadly the For Sale sign is back, relegating the Odeon from desired hot property to white elephant status once again.

Yet could it be we are being a little precious? For in truth St Albans is not short of cinemas locally – Hemel, Hatfield and, closest of all, Borehamwood – yes, Borehamwood, recently nationally noted as the home of the Jigsaw murderer. Borehamwood has a multiplex – click here for full details. Teen-attractive programmes, a cheerfully colourful foyer well served with drink machines etc. and reasonable prices. And it’s only 6 or 7 minutes away on the train, which you might remember is this blog’s recommended mode of travel. You could even combine your trip with a visit to the 24 hr Tesco’s not far down Shenley Road – also conveniently full of fast food outlets.

All this on our doorstep. Why on earth are some of us getting so worked up about a derelict art deco pile like the Odeon? Why in fact aren’t some of us detaching ourselves from sentiment about our house values, selling up and moving to Borehamwood so we and our families can become regular, happy members of the Reel’s audience?

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