Thursday, 25 February 2010

Alpha cinema -the latest 25 February 2010

total now £840,000...see Allaboutstalbans site for more detalis....

so if 150 people sponsor seats by tomorrow, or one wise donor/investor can come up with £150k, that'll be it. If not the alligator developers who are always prowling around St Albans will pounce and bingo...... goodbye cinema, goodbye precious piece of film history, goodbye to the idea that St Albans can ever act independently and have what its citizens want. And anyone who thinks that instead we will magically acquire a nice little multiplex without an associated scheme of nightmare proportions is naive beyond words.

This has been a long saga and some of us have the folders of notes from lengthy planning inquiries and associated letters to prove it. More than sad for the town if it has all been for nothing but another block of luxury flats.

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