Saturday, 20 February 2010

Alpha fund £800,000 & a week to go

See allaboutstalbans for full facts and latest from James Hannaway.

200 people to sponsor seats @£1000 each needed. A thousand might seem a lot of money but it's what plenty of people spend on weekend breaks, or a new gadget they don't really need, or a party they live to regret having anyway. You could club together with friends to raise the money...

...because if we don't get this together by the end of the month then all those people who go around saying St Albans should have a cinema, and who haven't shared in this enormous local effort will know who to blame when the Odeon is lost...themselves, and their lack of courage and generosity.

1 comment:

  1. I'm quite surprised that the owner of the building has held out for so long past the deadline for this bid. A development company showing altruism and community spirit? Not unheard of, but pretty unusual. Could it be that they have no other buyer in the wings? And therefore could a lower offer be made when the fund reaches £900,000?
    Perhaps they might think it is better off their hands sooner rather than later...
    Sarah (ABL and Seat Sponsor Alpha, St Albans)