Tuesday, 30 March 2010

More Arthur Melbourne-Cooper

Maybe I should start a new blog titled Arthur Melbourne-Cooper Appreciation because he does seem to crop up ever more frequently. In fact St Albans is now being seen as a centre for film-themed tourism ...see Michael Pedley's piece on Suite 101. It's a nice idea. And really keen film obsessed visitors could also stop off at Borehamwood and visit the sites of the great studios once there.And Hertsmere council could think about some kind of centre to catch all that history before it vanishes for ever.

St Albans does seem to have woken up to this aspect of its heritage. There's the Museum's Kubrick exhibition and related activities starting this week ..see their site for more info. We needn't trade on the Romans and the Abbey for ever. Stuff has happened since the 11th century and Arthur Melbourne-Cooper is a very attractive part of it. Of course you do start to wonder what kind of man he was to have left this stubborn creative mark on the town. One of his friends, another local lad, draper's son Roger Pamphilon, said this about him...

He was the most extraordinary personality. He wouldn't stop at anything. He was living 50 years in advance of the times.

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