Wednesday, 3 March 2010

the Alpha - the emotional cost

Well, that’s both of them – another editor has cracked…see today’s Review. As regular readers know this blog got on the wrong side of the Herts Ad. quite sometime ago ( see post/comments 28 January ).

And the Labour party ‘s local activists are the wild eyed Ancient Mariners of this tale, wandering around stopping anyone who’ll listen, to croak on about how we ‘really need a multiplex’. At the same time the other political parties and the council remain conspicuous by their absence from the ups and downs of this mighty local effort, in the way Iago is absent from the action in Othello.

Meanwhile the rest of us spend our time obsessively logging onto allaboutstalbans in the hope that things might have moved on significantly. It may as well be the default setting on my browser.

If this comes to a successful conclusion no doubt time will cast a rosy glow over the past few weeks. But it hasn’t been easy. Especially if you’re a journalist or apparatchik (which I’m not, thankfully).

And I still think it would have been appropriate, even dignified for the Herts Ad to have sponsored a seat.

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  1. Both of our local newspapers are pitiful - every inch the outposts of faceless corporations and completely unengaged with the local community, seeing them just as a source of money.

    Ask any local organisation (that doesn't contain the words "Grove" and "House") how hard it is to get attention for their activities. Need something to sell six weeks beforehand to be viable? Forget your local paper. It's the week before hand, tucked in the back and sod anything other than pig-headed inflexibility.

    You can tell you've hit a nerve with journalists - they start denying responsibility.

    (And yes, there were errors by James Hannaway and some very poor communication. But that does not excuse the sneering tone of both the papers)

    The Labour group, on the other hand, are just yelling from ignorance (shocker!). Perhaps one of the should visit The Rex on a Mums and Toddlers afternoon. Then they wouldn't look quite such morons.