Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Doors and the Odeon 6 1 2010

the present front door - grim black hardboard with a miserably symbolic padlock. Often covered with posters advertising some esoteric music event or other. The day this horrible door goes, to be replaced by the appropriate sparkling glass and chrome will be the day we'll know the cinema is really back

Above - one of the doors to the back staircase opening on to London Road.In 1964/5 some of my school friends travelled from Finchley to see the Rolling Stones play here. They then hung around on the back stairs hoping for who knows what to happen.
Brian Jones came out and threw a fire bucket of sand over them. They were thrilled, of course.

Above that, is the back door by the steps, seen here in atmospheric dobby snow. For me this has more urban bauhaus glamour than the others. Maybe it's the pipework. Also fondly remembered as the door by which some of us used to slip out, thus avoiding the crowd and getting home in moments.

Top, the Doors movie - which played to a thronged Odeon in 1991. All us locals have long lists of films seen and enjoyed here, but not all of them had music as good as this.

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