Sunday, 31 January 2010

Alpha/Odeon cinema St Albans - invest and rescue

A week to go on the Odeon sale and a lot more £££ is needed. See allaboutstalbans for details.

What would most help? Loans. If you are a company/individual with the wherewithal please think about making a loan; after all interest rates elsewhere are hardly rivals for your money. Invest in the Alpha and be part of a great project. Art Deco cinemas all over the U.k. are being razed to the ground (see Independent on Sunday 31.1.2010)...but there is still (just) a chance for you to help save this one. In the end you'll get your money back with %. And you'd have done something so worthwhile.

And as encouragement two ( small, I'm afraid) pics of the Odeon in happier times...

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