Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Rex

there to see Bright Star. At least I got a ticket for this which is more than I managed with Coco before Chanel, inexplicably totally booked including matinees. I'd have expected Chanel to draw crowds in London but Berkhamsted? Anyway B. Star is as sad and lovely a movie as anyone could wish for. And here are some shots of the Rex exuding the poised glamour of a ceaselessy busy cinema. One day ( we hope) the Odeon will be as well cared for. Notice the roses on the balcony. Find me a multiplex that would do that.

The railway is the station at Berko just to prove that such jaunts can be done from here on public transport (Flyer to Watford, then trains to B. run every ten minutes) Not possible for evening shows though because, quaintly, the Flyer doesn't run late i.e. after half nine.

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