Thursday, 17 December 2009

If you simply want to give money to the Odeon Rescue bid you might find this helpful:

Extract from e mail from James Hannaway of the Rex

DONATIONS (This category is included by request)

Already, before and after the meeting on Sunday 29th November, people have asked how they can simply offer cash to get it moving. Weeks ago a woman asked at the Rex box office, if she could set up a monthly direct debit of £20 until St Albans was up and showing films again! In just two weeks the Donations tick box has already registered 133 names! Overwhelming, heartwarming and extraordinary, it is beyond thanks. Thank you all the same. However, you must not send anything just yet.

Such is the faith in a new cinema from the dust of the old (and even before making anything clear) we have received a number of cheques, one for £5! Before you pledge anything, proper things need to be in place. Therefore, following this please just send your Name, address and/or email (those who have already ticked the Donations box are now registered and on our database, so you should NOT send again).

Donations are the unexpected icing. Of all things, they show a different kind of thinking. While such open gestures of trust and hope do not diminish the leaps of faith in all the other departments, they are a different kind of leap. Made by people who want nothing in return but to see a cinema back in the City Centre, where it belongs; alive and thriving once more after fifteen wasted years.

While I thank you for this best of all no-strings money, I urge you not to give anything you haven't got. It is not a charity, it is a business, albeit not driven by profit, if it works it will make one. It is a limited company and a business all the same.

NB. If you don't mind, we will keep those cheques already sent (no more, please). They will never be cashed. Instead they will form part of an archive to be treasured as the first leaps of faith. We will ask you to write new ones when the time is right.

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