Monday, 1 December 2014

AT LAST WENT TO THE PICTURES IN ST ALBANS IN OUR OWN LOVELY CINEMA ..and it was great. Just as it must have been when it was first built - only glossier and safer and more comfortable. A* for glamour atmosphere technical quality. I am going to use a phrase I have used about twice in my life..a dream come true. I thought we would only get the Odeon back if the mighty Fairy of Cinema herself came and liberally sprinkled London Road with magic technicolour dust and waved her wand. Well I suppose she must have done because here it is. This is a shot of the opening of Singing in the Rain last night..the green light to the left is one of the emergency doors of course..the one into dear old Lower Paxton Rd.
And now this blog is finally signing off. Go and see something there yourself. Thanks to everyone who got involved and helped and parted with money..and let's hope S.A. council the Labour party and other not very involved lobbies have learnt a lesson.

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