Monday, 2 May 2011

St Albans Odeon backs street party

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......all us residents, monarchists, republicans and those who couldn't give a hoot but were interested in the dress, had a street party behind the cinema last Friday. It was an amazingly lovely event, leaving lots of happy memories and a more decorative pavement..see pix above.

Much talk of our cinema of course...which provided a stylishly period back wall to the goings- on. Maybe we should have asked along Mr H, sat him down in the April sunshine, plied him with prosecco and Union Jack cupcakes, and asked him what's going on with the Odeon/Odyssey. Would be nice to know esp. as we live with it so to speak.

(apologies for long silence: sad bereavements explain well as lack of any recent material progress on cinema to report...)

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